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Fort Pierce Chiropractor Gets Rave Reviews

We are proud of our reputation in Fort Pierce and Port Saint Lucie for providing excellent and compassionate chiropractic care. What others say about chiropractic care can help you make the right health care choice.

Review a selection of Fort Pierce Chiropractic patient testimonials below and please email me or contact the office if you have any questions.

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Yours Sincerely,
Dr. Timothy O’Grady

Read What Others Say About Fort Pierce Chiropractic

I am a Very Difficult Patient to Please.

I expect over the top efficiency in the staff and competent treatment from my doctors. I found both here today – my first visit/exam/eval from Dr. O’Grady. I am accustomed to superior treatment prior to moving to Vero Beach and although I have been residing here for more than one year now, I have been unable to find an honest, no frills, down to earth, honest and competent chiropractor. I have a chronic back problem and have a physically demanding job, so I need to be able to count on my chiro!!! I am very impressed with the efficiency of Melissa in contacting me within hours of my trying to set an appointment and the way she handled my initial visit to her office. I am beyond thrilled with Dr. O’Grady’s quiet, gentle, and forthright demeanor. He took the time to LISTEN, examine, prognosis, and treat. He is only minutes from my workplace and I plan to frequent his treatment room as often as I did those in NC and SC for years. I feel we connected and I trust him. He didn’t RUSH into anything, nor did he have a ridiculous amount of “hi tech” nonsense that is totally ineffective for me. He is a traditional chiropractor who KNOWS WHAT HE IS DOING and doesn’t have to rely on “machines” to do his job for him. Thank you, Dr. O’Grady.


I Will Always Be Thankful

“I began treatment a yr ago. I had the three initial treatments and my limp was gone. Mind you I was told in 2010 that I required a knee replacement. I opted to try less invasive therapies. I had the series of three shots with cocks comb In 2010 and began several nutritional supplements. At least the horrendous bone on bone pain was gone. I couldn’t climb stairs, nor could I walk without a limp. Then in 2017 I went to treasure coast knee solutions. The first three treatments resulted in losing my limp. I opted to continue Dr O Grady’s recommended treatment and continued improving. I was down to two treatments a week and had to leave the area, but continued with the exercises he had me doing, and have continued improving. I am now walking 4 miles every morning without a stop and without pain. I can now go up and down stairs normally without the step and drag a straight leg up, or going down sideways. In addition my knee is no longer swollen. I will go back at some point, but I’m not one to go to Drs without a need. I will always be thankful that I met Dr O’Grady and although the initial cost is a lot, keep in mind it cover’s months of treatment plus follow up. For me it worked and I am very glad to have not only my mobility, but also full range of motion after many years of pain.”

J. Gervais

It Works!!

“Let me tell you about TCKS!!! I’ve had 6 treatments and I was crippled pain 24 /7 all I did was sleep and eat … very active person but I just couldn’t do anything … I was told bone on bone only solution …. Total Knee Replacement … I had a terrible fear of surgery and just kept moving forward … been to Dr. Had steroid inj … physical therapy and it just got progressively … WORSE !!! So I saw this on my FB feed researched it went for consult and I AM a believer I’m walking straighter longer and my energy level is way up there I would say my daily pain level is maybe 1-2 as opposed to 8-9 !!! Following Dr O’Grady’s directions having treatments and I’m so glad I found him … it can only get better from here !!! So I say to you those with joint neck or back issues … SEE HIM !! It works !!!”

B. Castanga

Seeing Dr. O’Grady After my Car Accident was the Best Thing I Did

“I had a car accident 4 yrs ago, seeing Dr. O’Grady to treat the back problems I had after the accident was the best thing I ever did. Thank you Dr. O’Grady.”

Charles S.

Professional Chiropractic Care

” I have been seeing Dr. O’Grady for over 10 years. He also treated my 90 yr old mother. He is safe, compassionate and professional. His staff is top-notch & very efficient.”

Sally M. E.

Quality Chiropractor and Staff

“Since I have been getting treatments with Dr. O’Grady and his staff, what a difference in the quality of my life. From the ultrasound, heat, massage and chiropractic adjustments. It’s all good, thank you Dr. O’Grady & Staff.”

Darlene W.

Dr. O’Grady is a Great Listener

“Very good results from past experience. Very good doctor who also listens to the patients.”

Carolyn W.

Chiropractic Helped My Back and Neck Pain

“Dr. O’Grady and the staff are very polite and helpful. I have been coming here on and off for 5 years. They always get you STRAIGHT. I would refer anyone who has back or neck problems to Dr. O’Grady.”

Jason S.


Dr. O’Grady and his staff have always been so helpful thru out the years.

Louis M.

Highly Recommend

I was very pleased with Dr. O’Grady and his staff. The amount of time spent asking me questions made me feel like they are really focused on diagnosing me correctly for an appropriate treatment plan. I would highly recommend them!

Mark M.

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