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Fort Pierce Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy at {PRACTICE NAME}Your chiropractic care plan will involve rehabilitation and physical therapy to give a comprehensive approach and get you feeling your best, as quickly as possible.

How Will Physical Therapy Help Me?

Injuries are usually the result of muscle imbalance or weakness. This irritates your joints and causes your pain. Your chiropractic care will help get your joints moving properly. Then, by using one of our techniques for physical therapy or rehabilitation, we’ll work on the muscles around the joint. This will stretch and strengthen them.

Helping Your Body Heal

There are several options we offer you to help ease your pain and help your injury start healing. Along with chiropractic care, your rehabilitation and physical therapy can involve:

      • Stretches
      • Exercises
      • Various therapies used at our office
      • Tactics you can work into your already-existing gym routine

This integrated care helps to address your concerns from all angles to help rehabilitate the underlying causes to your pain.

Convenient and Cohesive Care

Your rehabilitation and physical therapy will be done immediately prior to your chiropractic care, meaning no extra office visits are needed.

With Dr. O’Grady‘s instructions, our friendly Chiropractic Assistant, Teniyah will help you get the complete care you need to start healing and feel good.

Contact us today. Our comprehensive approach will start you on the road to feeling great!

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