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Your Follow Up Visits

Second Visit – Report of Findings

A complete and detailed report of findings can be expected on your follow up visit. Dr. O’Grady will review the consultation, exam and X-ray findings (if taken) in detail and explain your best course of care for a rapid and complete recovery. We will also review methods that can be used to help you maintain your newly obtained good health. All insurance, financial questions and concerns will be answered before services are rendered.

Chiropractor goes over your report of findings.

Fort Pierce chiropractor explains the best course of care for you.

Getting Started With Your Treatment Plan

If you are in agreement with the Doctors report, we can begin your treatment program and lead you on your path to better health.

After your first visit, a multiple appointment card will be completed so your future appointments can be as convenient as possible for you.

In addition, you can expect a personal phone call from Dr. O’Grady to see how your first treatment went and if you have any follow up questions.

Regular Visits

You will again be greeted with a warm welcome from our staff. We understand your time is very valuable and will go to great lengths to ensure your time in our office is efficient and effective in leading you back to good health.

You will not feel rushed nor will your time be neglected. You will be warmly received on your way out of the office and your follow up appointment confirmed for your convenience.

Call the Fort Pierce chiropractor that cares today!

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